Need Prayer?

We believe in prayer and we want to join with you in praying for the soul or situation of your need. So if you will be so kind as to give us the honor of praying for you about whatever it is on your heart, we will. Please use the form below to submit your request.

Prayer is the one tool that Satan and his devils can not duplicate. As Christians, our faith is only limited by our prayers. Prayer is where we meet our Heavenly Father, find strength for our trials, and go when the sorrows of life weigh heavy on our human lives.

Sometimes facing the future or dealing with the stress of an issue can seem overwhelming. National and world events, financial and security, marriage and parenting, disease and aging, all these can contribute to fear, stress, and anxiety.

Whatever the burden of your heart, the answer is prayer, and we are here to pray with you and for you. Whatever the circumstance or struggle you are facing, prayer is the answer to coping. I’ll be happy to pray for you about your situation and or share any Bible promises to help encourage you.


“Prayer is the answer to every problem in life. It puts us in tune with divine wisdom, which knows how to adjust everything perfectly. So often, we do not pray in certain situations because from our standpoint the outlook is hopeless. But nothing is impossible with God. Nothing is so entangled that it cannot be remedied. No human relation is too strained for God to bring about reconciliation and understanding. No habit is so deeply rooted that it cannot be overcome. No one is so weak that he cannot be made strong. Whatever we need or desire, if we trust God, He will supply it. If anything is causing worry and anxiety, let us stop rehearsing the difficulty and trust God for healing, love, and power.” -Unknown



A Bible Study Guide on Prayer…

If you would like to dig deeper in a personal Bible study on the topic of prayer, please download our free PDF “How to Pray: A Bible Study Guide” over at our Prayer is the Answer website 


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Please use this email form to submit your prayer request regarding your relationship, wellness, or circumstances that need God's presence, power, or provisions. Your prayer request and information is held in confidence and sent directly to my pastor's private inbox. Please use the "Message" box for any additional information you would like to mention or if you need more space to write out your prayer requests. Thanks!

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