Explore the Bible

etb_cover100Starting in September we are going to follow the Explore the Bible eight year book-by-book verse-by-verse study plan.

Explore the Bible by LifeWay offers study guides divided into 13 week sections for quarterly studies. Following this format will not change our discussion approach to Bible study, but it will enhance our between Sunday’s devotional life by keeping us all on the same page.

Here is how we do our Bible study… we go through a book of the Bible by first listening to it from a Bible.is audio app on either a tablet or smartphone or by simply reading. Generally, we cover a chapter of the book each week. We listen to the Bible while following along in our Bible versions. After we have listened and/or read through the chapter, we go back and discuss what it says to us.


We are currently going through the book of…

Matthew 5-7 | August 2014


Coming Up…

Hebrews | September – November 2014


Past Study Series…

Nehemiah | April – June 2014

Romans | November 2013-April 2014

Esther | September-October 2013

Ruth | August 2013

Acts | January-July 2013

How to Pray | November-December 2012 (study guide)

Daniel | July-October 2012

Ecclesiastes | May-June 2012

Ephesians | April 2012

Experiencing God Study | January-March 2012

Revelation | August- 2011 – January 2012

John | January-July 2011